Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 492

Saba Lace Art & Craft Galleries Saba lace, or as it was known in the early period, “Spanish Work” is handcraft of needlework which began as a cottage handcraft on the island of Saba at the end of the 19th century and grew into one of the leading industries on the island at the turn of the 20th century. Until the 1950’s, lacework was one of the key sources of revenue to the island’s economy. The handicraft is still practiced and is a feature of tourism for the island. Mary Gertrude Johnson- Hassell was sent to study at a Venezuelan Catholic convent and learned the intricate craft. She returned in the 1870s and taught others how to make the drawn thread patterns by pulling and tying threads from cotton cloth into lacework designs. An art gallery has existed in Windwardside since the 1990's but under different names. In October 2014, the new owners decided it was time for a re-branding and changed the names to Five Square Art Gallery (since Saba is 5 square miles large), and Everyt'ings, which is more of a tourist shop. The roots of this technique had been shared all over Europe long before, and you still find examples in every EU country, also even in Hungary, and other middle European countries. But in the Caribbean it is now a special feature of cultural history of Saba. You may find the Lace ladies still at work in the center of Windwardside at Lambee’s Place. If Five Square Art Gallery had a Mission Statement it would be ‘to bring the best in Caribbean art, and in particular Saban art, to the residents of and visitors to, Saba’. To this end, the owners are constantly on the lookout for new artists; maintain regular contact with current exhibitors; and travel frequently to other islands in the Caribbean in search of new works. Kakona The Kakona initiative pays tribute to Saba’s roots while adding contemporary artistry, keepsakes that are aesthetic, kreative, original, nature-based, authentic works…striving to blend Saba’s past and present—each with its own story. In addition to several others, some important artists represented in the gallery with their artwork are Heleen Cornet and Els Mommers. https://www.fivesquareart.com/ The gallery is in the Windwardside Shopping Center. Kakona is the Taino word for trinkets of value and objects of worth. Indigenous cultures knew to honor and respect the Mother Earth. To see what variety Kakona offers apart from antiques, jewelry etc. visit https://www.kakonasaba.com/ Jewelery by Madame Jeanette The gallery is in the Shopping Center of Windwardside at Lambee’s Place.