Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 484

Saba’s Trail Network PlaceS of Interest Arriving and Departing from the Saba Airport Few locations in the world offer an exciting welcome and send off, but when visiting Saba, the short runway nestled between steep-sided cliffs offer an adrenalin rush for any visitor! For those who would rather not participate in this exciting and unique experience, there are ferries to the island which will get you there, but in a less momentous fashion. Considering the island is only 5 square miles in size, it has an impressive number of diverse hiking opportunities. Some of the trails are quite strenuous, while others are moderately easy. Whilst some of the trails lead hikers into undeveloped parts of the island, others will follow along cliff tops offering magnificent views of the sea below. Other trails meander through beautiful verdant forests and then another will take hikers to the top of awe- inspiring, Mount Scenery! You can now rest for a while and enjoy what lies before you! Photo Credit: Cees Timmers Photography Photo Credit: Cees Timmers Photography