Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 468

La Cordillera Nature Reserve This nature reserve comprises several cays, islets and islands, all of great beauty and one which may be recognizable by those who have seen the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. The dreamy white sands on this group of islands are ideal for sun worshippers and the surrounding waters are perfect for snorkeling to view the wide variety of fish and marine animals that live in its waters. It comes under the umbrella of the Department of Natural Resources. PlaceS of Interest Las Cabezas de San Juan A historic lighthouse located in Las Cabezas de San Juan offers some great views of Puerto Rico’s north eastern tip. This area which comprises 434 acres is preserved by the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico as it contains a variety of ecosystems including a bioluminescent bay, mangroves, a dry forest and a reef-lined rocky beach. Photo Credit: Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico Photo Credit: Rosangeli Lebron and Cordillera Arrecifes Nature Reserve