Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 454

Alexander Hamilton Photo Credit: Nevis Tourism Authority Shopping on Nevis On Nevis, you won’t find mega shopping malls, but the shopping experience adequately matches the unique flavour of the island. Located close to the pier in Charlestown is the popular Cotton Ginnery Mall which offers a lovely shopping experience for locals and visitors. Once a factory, it has been tastefully refurbished, complete with a restaurant and bar. Hamilton was born on Nevis on January 11, 1757. In 1777 he became General George Washington’s assistant. Not only was Hamilton the first Secretary of the United States Treasury, he was also the chief architect of the US Constitution, he created the social responsibilities of government, such as equal access to education and health care, he created the American economic system, he created the “American dream” where anyone with hard work and education could aspire to the highest levels of accomplishment, he created the American Stock Exchange, he created the American Investment System, he started the Bank of New York, he founded the US Coast Guard, he started the US Navy, and he was a founding member of the African free school to provide an education to slaves. He believed that if you provide the same opportunities to enslaved Africans as to their masters they would perform just as well. Every year, the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society in collaboration with the Department of Community Development hosts the Annual Alexander Hamilton Tea Party and Awards Ceremony on the Museum grounds in Charlestown on January 11. Nevis joins in a live video link between Nevis and the Museum of American Finance, Wall Street, New York City, for a cake cutting ceremony to say happy birthday to Alexander Hamilton, known as “The Man Who Made Modern America!” Alexander Hamilton Scholarships are awarded to four new high school students at the Tea Party. Twenty students are currently benefitting from the Fund, most are from low income families. Many students have gone on to obtain university degrees and now make meaningful contributions to the development of the Federation. Tickets to the Tea Party are sold and all proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund. Submitted by: Nevis Historical and Conservation Society