Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 436

Patricia shared with Mélange . . . About her background. Patricia Daway Founder, Director & Health Promotion Specialist DaWay To FitnesSpa Vue Pointe Hotel, Old Towne, Montserrat T: 1(664) 493-1004 | info@patriciacdaway.com www.patriciacdaway.com Born in the volcanic isle of Montserrat, a Caribbean Island in the Leeward Islands cemented the foundation of my life. I have always wanted to travel and be a school teacher and although being a school teacher hasn’t quite manifested specifically as such, I am however as a trainer, a different kind of teacher. My dreams to travel and explore what life has to offer me has been granted and for that I’m grateful for the wealth of experience and knowledge I gained. When I left Montserrat in 1993 to further my studies, I left with positive aspirations to be the best I can be personally and professionally. However, we all know that life comes with its challenges. I’m sometimes thrown into situations where my physical, emotional and mental capabilities have been tested. I believe the fruits of our labour never comes cheap. Therefore, I have had to learn to embrace the barriers that have threatened to impede my growth and I have learnt to manage and overcome such challenges by accepting the hardships and work my way through them with unwavering determination. I returned home at the end of 2016 to give back and make a difference to my community, as I always believed it was important to share my experiences with others particularly if it will make a difference to someone’s life. My journey thus far has taught me to be resilient but most importantly to be kind. This is my life and I have embraced it with all its flaws, imperfections and ambitions. About her entry into this industry. I have always had a strong interest in health therapies, exercise- fitness and people’s behavior towards their wellbeing. When I first set up my health promotion organization (DaWay To Fitness) in East London in 2003, I knew that I had chosen the right field of work. It was rewarding to see participants achieve their goals after being motivated by our activities. My interest grew into a successful career from 2000 when I first obtained my NVQ/RSA Exercise to Music and Fitness Instructors/