Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 432

Buried City Start your journey from the Little Bay and head to the Buried City to witness the devastation caused by the Soufriere Hills Volcano. En route, stop at Runaway Ghaut and view the lush, tropical flora and fauna and sample the cool, pure mountain spring water. From Runaway Ghaut, travel to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory to view and see a movie highlighting the events that occurred during the 21 years of volcanic eruption on Montserrat. Then, journey to the Montserrat Springs Hotel viewing platform in Richmond Hill and get a bird’s eye view of Plymouth the Buried City and its environs. From Montserrat Springs Hotel journey to the Buried City to get a close-up look at the remaining Goat Water Montserrat’s National Dish buildings and the devastation caused by Soufriere Hills Volcano. From the Buried City travel to Luv’s Sea Island Cotton Store and view products made from the very best 100% sea-island cotton originally designed and woven by HAND, and you may see the Loom weaving machine at work, then from Luv’s Sea Island Cotton Store, journey to Little Bay . . . Goat water is a thick stew made of goat meat, prepared in a way only the people on Montserrat can, in a special pot, on wood fire. For the best Goat Water on the island, visit John at the People’s Place in St. Peter. r’s e b i r c S e r u t n e Adv Tours Photo Credit: Montserrat Tourism Division