Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 414

places of interest Little Bay Brades Brades is the name of the Island’s new capital located on the northwest coast, away from the now- dormant volcano’s vicinity. As well as witnessing the rare sight of a capital in the making, visitors to Brades can also take a short ride to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory to familiarize themselves with the island’s volcanic history and also learn of any volcanic changes that may have recently taken place. A sports complex, public market, cultural center and government building, hotels, marina and commercial properties are in or around Little Bay. On the Bay’s gray volcanic sand, you can relax while taking in the bustle of activity in the port. The water here is calm so swimming is an option, so too is grabbing a bite to eat from any of the restaurants around the area. Photo Credit: Montserrat Tourism Division