Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 4

CONTENTS COVER STORY Montserrat. The Emerald Isle of the Cribbean. Melinda Ulysses Bankie Banx Interview with Mrs. Rosetta West-Gerald, Product Development Officer, Tourism Division, Montserrat. Cover Photograph, credit: Montserrat Tourism Division FESTIVALS Mikeela Skellekie BARBADOS DOMINICA Hole Town Festival, page Melinda Ulysses, page CAYMAN ISLANDS HOMESTAY PROGRAMS Pirates Week, page Cayfest, page Teddy Frederick CURACAO ST. EUSTATIUS, page BELIZE, page DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ARTISTS Tumba Festival, page Ahhh…Ras Natango Punta Cana Carnival, page Sharon Wilson MUSIC HAITI Port-au-Prince Jazz Festival, page PUERTO RICO GRENADA Teddy Frederick, page ST. MAARTEN Tes Verheij, page San Sebastian Street Festival, page Michael Mooleedhar ST. MARTIN Harmony Nights in Grand Case, page CULTURE Mark Johnson SABA Shellisa Nanton Saba Culture by Dr René Caderius van Veen, page PERSONALITIES TOBAGO The Art of Liming, page US VIRGIN ISLANDS Quelbe & Quadrille, page It’s all about Nutmeg! In this article, Shana shares the many ways Nutmeg can be used. “Put Nutmeg in your New Year” DaWay To FitnesSpa Scuba Montserrat Photographer: Dwain Thomas Location: Belmont Estate, Grenada.