Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 366

Thinking of Los Roques . . . The Archipelago of Los Roques National Park covers 225,153 hectares of sea and land with over 40 islands and 250 coral reefs. Most likely, if you are visiting this region, you will stay at Gran Roque. The peace and tranquility of all the islands is perfect for families hoping to enjoy some quality time together while exploring the land and sea. All of the islands are perfect for scuba diving and you can easily get to them by boat from your base on Gran Roque. During your island exploration, you will discover that Los Roques is home to 92 bird species, one of which is the brown pelican. You’ll also find flamingos here. There is no shortage of fauna on these islands. Four species of sea turtles nest in Los Roques - the loggerhead turtle, green turtle, leatherback turtle and the hawksbill turtle. Lizards are also in abundance. Fishing is the most important revenue generator for the small population who call these islands home and almost 94% of lobster and fish you’ll find at restaurants in mainland Venezuela comes form Los Roques. When speaking about Los Roques, it is quite easy to say there is no other place as beautiful, as tranquil and as heavenly as this archipelago. And to top it off, a few delightful beach bars on Gran Roque sells the most delectable local food and Caribbean-themed cocktails which add to the islands’ appeal. Photo Credit: Franklin Samir Dattein