Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 354

About Los Roques Islands The calm Los Roques Islands are located off the coast of Venezuela. Designated a national park in 1972, most of the 350 islands and cayes are uninhabited. The calming ambiance of these islands can, however be mercilessly interrupted by the oftentimes sizzling, unforgiving heat. But this should not deter you. The peaceful surroundings will more than compensate. Just ensure you have brought sun-essentials and you can safely enjoy these untouched gems. LOS ROQUES ISLANDS POPULATION SIZE 1,800 (2010) 40.61 sq. kilometers OFFICIAL LANGUAGE CAPITAL CITY Spanish None (it is an island dependency of Venezuela) CURRENCY AVERAGE TEMPERATURE Bolivar (1 US dollar equals 9.99 Bolivars ) Care to island-hop? Those who love deserted beaches will totally fall in love with the remoteness of each island, which is a beautiful contrast to hectic urban cities. Its charming isolation has continued to bait tourists into permanent residence. Discover the breathtaking magnificence of each island that is not just limited to its above-water attractions, but its underwater sights is also guaranteed to evoke admiration in every diver. 290 C / 840 F The main island and the only populated one, Gran Roque, offers a comfy and more tourist-oriented setting with small resorts and villa style hotels. Other islands of note are Francisqui, Nordisqui, Madrisqui, and Crasqui. The archipelago is also home to a turtle sanctuary in Dos Mosquises, which is often called the ‘Turtle Hatching Islands’. For eco-lovers, the sanctuary is a must-visit, encouraging and educating about the protection and preservation of the adorable turtles. And if you want to fully support the sea turtle conservation, you can even adopt one! How cool is that? You can give a loving home to these almost- extinct adorable creatures. Los Roques Islands are not glitzy tourist attractions and are considerably less crowded than neighboring tourist hot spots. But you can kitesurf, windsurf, fish, dive, bird-watch, sun bathe or simply relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. After all, the weather’s always perfect here. And, when you’ve had your fill of relaxation and local food, head on over to one of the restaurants and fill up on Italian food, play bocce ball then finish off your day with an espresso. Los Roques Islands Margarita Photo Credit: Márcio Cabral de Moura