Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 348

What to expect A Ras Natango original painting, depicting a traditional dance, Kumina, from Jamaica’s African heritage. The dancing around an open fire to the beating of drums is done to release or invoke the spirits of loved ones gone on before. at Ahhh...Ras Natango Gallery & Garden Guided Tour . It begins with an introduction and welcome followed by the guided tour, and a complimentary fruit juice, depending on the fruit is season. The vibrant works of Ras Natango and son Ras Ayale adorn the Gallery walls. Each painting is an original and comes with a certificate of authenticity. They are taken from the stretcher bars and rolled after purchase, making it easier to transport. Adjacent to the gallery is the gift shop. Every item in the shop is made on the property so visitors can take home an authentic piece of Jamaica. For those wishing to eat a true Jamaican meal, this is cooked to order and guests can be a part of the cooking experience, from gathering the herbs in the garden to actually assisting with the meal preparation. Photography Opportunities . The garden hosts numerous subjects for the professional as well as amateur photographer. From landscapes, garden flora and fauna - there is always an exotic photo subject waiting to be captured. Birding . At least 20 of the 28 endemic bird species in Jamaica have made the Ahhh…Gardens their home, and the star of the show is the redbilled streamer tailed humming bird, the National Bird of Jamaica. Guests can interact with the hummingbirds, feeding and photographing them.