Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 324

Image Source: TripAdvisor Photo Credit: www.experiencehaiti.org RECEPTIVE OPERATORS Port-au-Prince et Cap Haitien Agence Citadelle © Phillippe M Photography If you are planning a trip to Haiti, it will be best to enlist the services of a tour operator and/ or a receptive operator to help make your trip memorable. Not only do tour and receptive operators have invaluable knowledge about Haiti and its traditions, they also know the hidden treasures that very few people have the privilege of visiting. They have excellent relationships with service providers and can recommend hotels and restaurants that offer services and prices that meet your tastes and needs. They can tell you where to go, the best time to go there, and organize your transport and lodging. Tour and receptive operators have access to information on all of Haiti’s destinations and can therefore offer a good time and a great first experience. They can also assist with: Logistics: Things that might seem obvious in other countries can be quite different in Haiti. Road signs are limited; maps and GPS services are not always available. Tour and receptive Photo Credit: www.ExperienceHaiti.org operators will manage all of the logistics for you, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy your stay to the fullest. Safety: As is the case in other countries, some areas are not recommended for visitors. Tour and receptive operators make sure that you are aware of the risk and take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety throughout Haiti’s many destinations, for the duration of your stay. Networking : Receptive operators also work in partnership with the travel agencies in your country of origin. For a true personalized service, your local travel agent can contact a receptive operator in Haiti at the time your travel arrangements are made for your stay in Haiti. Similarly, once on the ground in Haiti, several Travel Agencies are available to connect you to one of the receptive operators. The more the network is involved, the better service you will receive. Complexe Promenade, Pétion-Ville info@agencecitadelle.com (509) 2940-5900 / 3445-5900 www.agencecitadelle.com Photo Credit: MichelleWalz Chatelain Tours Tabarre 37, Local Terra Bus, Tabarre Rue Panamericaine (en Face Muncheez), Pétion-Ville chatelaintours@hotmail.com (509) 3701-4570 Uniglobe S.A. 149, Rue Faubert, Pétion-Ville uniglobe@hainet.net (509) 2941-0742 Voyages Lumières Delmas 75, Delmas voyageslumierehaiti@gmail.com (509) 4805-8289 / 3607-1321 www.voyageslumiere.com Photo Credit: MichelleWalz Voyage Plus Cap Rue 11A, Cap-Haitien vpcap1@gmail.com (509) 3443-0823 / 2940-0484 TOUR OPERATOR Sirep Tours Angle des rues Grégoire et Moïse, Petion-Ville sireptours@gmail.com (509) 2940-9120 Photo Credit: Ricardo Mangual