Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 318

places of interest Grand Rue Musee d’Art Furcy Forest Famous for its wooded trails through pine forests, Furcy Forest is located on the Massif de la Selle which reaches heights of over 2,500 meters and offers spectacular panoramic views. The forest cascades down the peaks and ridges and in places overlooks the crashing waves on the cliffs below. The forest also has popular trails for adventure seekers, one of which crosses canyons in the remote but charming Seguin region. The Grand Rue Musee d’Art is where you’ll find a collection of seemingly haphazard, random creations that grace the areas between scrap yards and mechanic shops in the western end of the Boulevard JJ Dessalines, Port -au-Prince. Voodoo effigies and objects made from wrought metal, or human sculptures created from engine parts are, upon examination, macabre works of art, carefully crafted by local artists, which depicts immense creativity albeit bizarre in its presentation. They silently tell a somewhat grim story which often times will need an explanation from the creator of the masterpiece. Art made from junk that clearly speaks to you requires talent, and that talent certainly exists here in the artists who are called Atis Rezistans. A visit to the Musee d’Art is unlikely to be forgotten! The Atis Rezistans have been gaining international acclaim and to date have exhibited in Paris, London, and Los Angeles. This art pictured here is by: Andre Eugene, Haiti b. 1959 ‘Untitled’ Metal, wood and rubber. Signed. H 43 inches. It can be found at: Decorative Art & Fine Antiques - DAFA, the largest antique store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Image Source: TripAdvisor Photo Credit: dafainc.com