Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 288

Teddy is a past high school teacher of the Visual Arts with a certificate in Fine Art from the University of Cambridge. He is trained in film and has toured as a Director of Photography across the globe. From an early age Teddy knew he was artistically inclined, therefore, everything he did at major career points in his life led to more artistic development. He considers himself to be multidisciplinary in his artistic practice. A combination of traditional paintings, performance art, cinema and photography coming together to make visual and conceptual representations of the surreal and abstract thoughts he projects. His art is all about creating something that people can relate to. “My ultimate goal is to create something that appeals to their imagination so that when they look at my work, it’ll leave a lasting impression on their mind”, he said. He has no favorites in his collection. He works in series and every series does something different, based on the time it was created and the purpose for which it was created. “What I would say is that, there are moments when different pieces of my work impact audiences in ways I never thought my work could have. It’s these small moments in time that feel very special just knowing my work was able to be that impactful.” Exhibitions to date: St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Canada and the Bahamas. “I believe the science to exploring your imagination, the geometry of bringing your art, your creation to life all rests within the artist’s ability to express his thoughts in spite of all kinds of criticisms. Understanding first, that discovery of any kind requires you first to experiment with the resources available to you.” ~ Teddy