Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 220

CURAÇAO EVENTS JANUARY 6 Fuik Dag 2019 POPULATION SIZE 153, 500 (2013) 444 sq. kilometers OFFICIAL LANGUAGE CAPITAL CITY Dutch but English & Papiamentu are widely used CURRENCY Netherlands Antillean Guilder (1 US dollar equals 1.77 Antillean Guilder) On the first Sunday of the year, people head to the Fuikbaai for a party on the water. Boats and any type of inflatable can be brought to this fun event of music, food and drinks. Willemstad FEBRUARY 4 - 6 Tumba Festival AVERAGE TEMPERATURE During this festival, artists compete to win the coveted title of Tumba King/Queen which will make their Tumba (song) the official anthem of the current year’s Carnival. 290 C / 840 F FEBRUARY - March Curacao Carnival Feb. 24 - Children’s Carnival Parade March 2 - Teen Carnival Parade March 2 - Banda Abou Carnival Parade March 3 - Grand Carnival Parade March 4 - Children’s Farewell Carnival Parade March 5 - Grand Farewell Carnival Parade MARCH 29 - 31 Caribbean Gay Spring Break Festival This weekend sees parties and performances by local and international DJ’s and other performing artists, catering to the LGBTQ community and friends. Photo Credit: Curacao Board of Tourism