Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine January 2019 - Page 118

Toledo Botanical Arboretum Located in the Toledo District, this eco-farm exemplifies the use of sustainable farming and a tour of the farm will be a worthwhile, educational experience. There are over 55 varieties of fruits grown here. Some of these fruits are sold and others are made into jams and pickles. What isn’t sold or consumed is fed to the pigs on the farm. Orchids and other flowers are also grown and some are made into perfume. Tour cost: $5 US per person. Call 1 (501) 772- 2470 to book. Maya Homestay Program When you travel to Belize, you can be the guest of a Maya family as part of their Homestay Program. Living with them, participating in their daily routines,which will include making breakfast and other meals, assisting with their farming and experiencing their day-to-day life will be an authentic, meaningful experience. Theirs is a simple existence without many modern amenities, but your visit will undoubtedly assist the entire Maya community. For information about how you can arrange a vacation with a Maya family, visit: www.aguacatebelize.com