Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2016 - Page 71

Keshi Yená, Curaçao’s traditional dish when translated, means ‘stuffed cheese’ which is exactly what it is. Keshi Yená is a dish which originated from the island slaves who would stuff cheese rinds with bits of discarded meat and food scraps and then steam it. It is now a signature island dish which is prepared in a variety of very gourmet, delectable Iguana is an exotic meat offered in some restaurants. Locals say iguana tastes like chicken and its meat has healing properties. It is thought that serving the meat stewed or in a soup also helps to cure various discomforts and is also considered an aphrodisiac. When in Curaçao, visit Jaanchie’s Restaurant on Curaçao’s West End to experience this island treat. For some of the most authentic local meals, visit Marshe Bieu in downtown Willemstad. Individually operated stands each offer a range of local favorites prepared on-site, including stoba (stew), funchi (similar to polenta), kabritu (stewed goat), fresh fish like Red Snapper and a favorite, pumpkin pancakes. Politicians, shop owners, area residents and tourists all gather at rows of tables and benches and enjoy their afternoon meal side by side. Discoveries 67 CURAÇAO