Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2016 - Page 50

distribute alcohol to their revelers. Walk Holy on the other hand, has a dedicated section in the band which has the responsibility of distributing gospel tracts and prayers as they proceed along the route. These gestures are generally well received and there are usually no gospel tracts littering the streets after the band has passed. In recent years a social component was added where this same section also distributes tangible items to children and needy persons in the crowd. School supplies, food and items for young mothers and children and some of the things given out and sadly at times, there isn’t enough. It is heartbreaking for the band members to have to say “we have no more”. Walk Holy’s 40-foot music truck featuring a live band, transforms typical worship music used in the church into the soca genre of the festival. Worship from the Walkholy Truck is infectious and the general public highly anticipates its arrival on the road. They gladly sing along with the soca-worship because they already know most of the songs and the sweet, professionally produced rhythm makes it irresistibly infectious. Barbadians and visitors to Barbados line the streets as early as possible to ensure they are able to see Walkholy. Every year spectators walk the length of the route to Spring Garden alongside this unique band’s music truck. Being associated with a premiere dance school on the island, the band’s portrayals are usually well choreographed and highly entertaining. If this was not so, Walkholy will be just like any other band in the festival, but they aim to be different because theirs is a different message. Walkholy is exceptionally different from the other Kadooment bands. Many bands consist of “revelers” dressed in very little clothing and doing what is considered by some to be vulgar or sensual dances (Barbadians call these dances “Wuk-up”). They also BARBADOS 46