Mélange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine April 2016 - Page 10

Six ‘must-see’ places in Antigua & Barbuda Frigate Bird Sanctuary Located on Barbuda’s north western lagoon, this is accessible only by boat. Over 170 species of birds and over 5,000 frigate birds call this sanctuary home. Darby’s Cave A vertical sink hole, 100 meters in diameter and 21 metres deep. This fascinating sink hole in Barbuda resembles a mini rain forest and is inhabited by birds, bats and frogs. Dark Cave In Barbuda, 400 feet underground, you’ll find pools of water inhabited by a rare blind shrimp and a species of crustaceans found no where else in the world. Wadadli Animal Nature Park Miniature Zoo Antigua National Parks, Devil’s Bridge Rugged terrain of limestone rock The Pillars of Hercules A popular diving and snorkellig site 6