Lyd & Billede December 2018 - Page 13

EXPERIENCE THE SOUND OF SILENCE PHOTO: ROBERT UNGH Panasonic Noise Cancelling Headphones Panasonic Noise Cancelling Headphones HD605N wirelessly bring you high-resolution signature sound quality that immerses you in perfectly clear sound, while shutting out all interfering surrounding- noise that normally taint your listening experience. The ergonomically designed 3D EarPads gives you great comfort and a perfect fi t around your head and ears. The HD605N headphones offer three levels of noise cancellation, ambient sound enhancer, voice control and much more. Experience the nuances and delicate details of whatever you´re listening to, whether that being your favorite music, movies or an engaging podcast. Or simply enjoy the sound of silence. TESTAD TESTET LYD & BILLEDE LJUD & BILD PREMIUM ssssst Panasonic HD605NE DECEMBER 2018 13