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GIVING. PRAYING. FASTING 8 do, what boys should get into, and I think we’re trying to change that stereotype, but I think that we still have some work to do in connecting it to the interest of young women, and I think if we can make those connections early on, then we can have an interest in the S.T.E.M. careers,” said Gilbert, a wife and mother of three. Gilbert suggests that educational entities consider modifying their curriculums to target girls and women, particularly girls and women of color. She also suggests they collaborate with outside S.T.E.M. programs. “Well, I think the curriculum is important. … [B]ut I’m also an advocate of special programs. So, bringing in companies to help cultivate a passion and understanding of what [S.T.E.M.] even is, to provide role models-people for young girls to see that there are others that look like them in their field and are doing very well [is important]. I think exposure is very important and targeted exposure to the groups that are underrepresented [is] very important,” said Gilbert. But, the accountability doesn’t stop there. Gilbert, who regularly introduces her children to female African-American engineers and exposes them to things like engineering challenges, says all parents have a responsibility to do the same. “And, I think as parents, our involvement in that foundation really comes in their everyday-whatever stage they’re at. So, whether they’re in elementary school all the way to high school, we have to make sure … that they’re in the proper schools, that they have the proper classes, and that … they then also have additional resources as well. So, I think if you live in our area, there are a lot of resources outside of the classroom that you have for your kids. So, just to sum it up, I think, number one, they need the foundation … .I hear a lot of people say that they don’t want to take math and science classes but I think they need to [take] their science and math classes and we can supplement as parents outside of the class[room] to help them understand how math and science are more interesting. We have museums