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26 GIVING. PRAYING. FASTING Over the years, this writer has had the privilege of meeting powerful politicians, ‘A’ list actors, foreign dignitaries, dine at the White House and even meet three Presidents of the United States – yet very few have the ability to touch the soul in the way that Kemi does. There is an ease about this great woman and when one inquires about her regal persona she gives God all the glory. I ask her “What’s your secret?” and the conversation quickly elicits the answer of relationship with Jesus I wou Christ. Intimacy with God over form and formula buste guides Kemi’s daily life. She compares relationship wide with Jesus like a marriage and says “I don’t need a formula to go see my husband. I’ve lived 23 years of marriage. I know him. I know what he can and cannot do. I know his weakness and his strengths and I know when he says ‘I will’ – I can take it to the bank.” And so it is with Jesus. When He says He will do a thing – you can count on it, according to Kemi. “ But you don’t come to this effortless love relationship by trying so hard; she says we need to cease from our works and from begging God for things. Searcy says it’s time out for lofty prayers like “Thou art the God of Abraham….” Instead she reminds us that in a love relationship you can simply go to your Father who is waiting with open arms and when we learn this we will flow naturally with the Holy Spirit. Yes, this takes time to yield our desires and submit our will to Christ but then we will develop sensitivity to the movements of God. Searcy says at this point we will be like a glove and God will slide His hand inside of us and use us as He wills. Pastor Searcy reminds us that in order to have this intimacy with God you MUST complete the first step of repentance. She testifies that she was singing in the choir in Ghana, Africa on to go s YH^H\ؘ[