LW_Mag_WINTER_FINAL (1) (2014) - Page 22

GIVING. PRAYING. FASTING 22 LW: How can one maintain a healthy lifestyle on a budget? Parlette: Well, you know, I think, I think that that’s a deception with people because if you keep track, if you’re able to keep track of what you buy for a week and categorize it by the junk food, the stuff that’s just snacky stuff that you don’t really need and take that money and put it towards more fruits and vegetables, you will see that you can do it and you know beans, legumes, are all very inexpensive you can get, you know, and the same with cabbage and other vegetables. There are certain vegetables that are very inexpensive and you just use more of those. LW: How can we encourage the church to be healthier? Parlette: Oh, if only! I tell you because what I-what my vision is, is to help people recognize that we are destroying ourselves with, with the food that we eat and that we’re giving satan the win by this. And I think if people make that connection to realize that they will be so much more effective for the Lord if they take care of their health that they’ll begin to catch on and I think that the church is seeing more and more people with cancer, more and more people with diabetes, so many more obese and they are not able to be involved like they want to be involved. And so when they begin to realize that we can change that. It’s a choice and so much disease is reversible if we just change our lifestyle status. LW: What should we look for in a food label? Parlette: Ideally, we’re eating things without the label. That’s one. But, the fewer ingredients the better on the label. Ideally, I tell people five-less than five things is really the key. Anytime you see the word “artificial” forget that. Try to get something else. You want things without any artificial stuff in them. High fructose corn syrup-again, you know, just watch the sugar levels. You don’t want to eat that. The big one that I said was the hydrogenated oils. That’s the trans fat so reading your labels for hydrogenated oils….and then note the servings because a lot of times we’ll get a bag of something and we’ll read the label and for one serving it’s this much and so we’ll eat the whole bag. Well, the whole bag may