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GIVING. PRAYING. FASTING 21 By Karen Stewart-Ross There are health gurus and then there are health gurus-the ones that make you rethink your entire perception of food and cause you to question whether or not you will ever eat Mama Jean’s oh-so-famous and oh-so-good macaroni and cheese again. The kind that makes the idea of fresh, leafy green vegetables with a side of beans sound so appealing, it puts oil-fried chicken to shame. Yes, that kind. Nancy T. Parlette, president and CEO of Healthy Living Strategies, LLC, a healthy lifestyle consulting firm, and author of Late to My Own Funeral and The Busy Mom’s 10 Minute Guide to a Healthy Happy Family, is that kind. Humorous and entertaining, Parlette, a nutrition educator, coach, and mentor, teaches women (and men), young and old how to create a healthy lifestyle. And she ought to know. Before becoming a healthy lifestyle consultant, Parlette had regular bouts of digestion problems that disappeared when she decided to allow God help her take control of her eating habits. LW: What are the five top things you would recommend for women to do in order to be healthy? Parlette: Well, the first thing is water. Begin drinking more water. Get out in the sunshine and fresh air. Try to get some exercise everyday. Simple walking is fine and just, you know, park farther away when you go to the mall, you know and little by little, adding in more fruits and vegetables. Really, really begin adding in more fruits and vegetables. Have a salad everyday. Making sure you’re getting sleep [is important]. You know, so many people want to lose weight, get healthier but they, you know, get less than 6 hours of sleep. Well, that’s never going to work. You got to get at least seven, eight. …Cut out all the soda. Just get rid of soda. One thing, you know, get rid of that.