LW_Mag_WINTER_FINAL (1) (2014) - Page 15

GIVING. PRAYING. FASTING 15 stated, understood, realistic and ethical. We talked about smart goals and those are tools by which you can determine your path but all that ties back to your why so I just encourage people that want to launch out to network, get to know other people who are doing similar things to you, hear their story, figure out what you can learn from them. What worked for them? What didn’t work for them? I belong-because I work in a childcare center-I belong to an organization that has directors’ lunches every month and I go there and I network with those ladies and they bring in presentations for us. They talked to us about curriculum, knowledge development for children. They talked about health and nutrition, safety, all things that are coming out in terms of licensure, licensing changes for the state of Maryland, for our county. They talk even about legislative things and that’s a great opportunity for me to network with other people that are doing the same thing I’m doing but in a different market, in a different way, trade ideas, [and discuss] what’s worked to motivate staff. What hasn’t worked to motivate staff. Challenges that I’m having, I can glean from them and that’s a way to kind of have mentoring, input, coaching and to broaden your network of support and all of that’s free except for your time investment.” LW: How does one build a successful non-profit or business? Jackson: It just depends on what your-it, it’s just depends on your goals. Non-profits are mission-driven and so profitability is based on the service they’re providing. I used to run an educational non-profit and we were involved in educational advocacy and we would do trainings but most of our expenditures were for print materials and other things and I actually wrote a grant and I received $250, 000 to run the program and you know I was able to manage it with volunteer staff but you know we were underwritten by another company and so, it worked because our missions were aligned and I hope that answers a little bit of your question in terms of funding. So, for us, we were able to accomplish the voter advocacy project that we were working on to raise awareness on the need for education in minority