LW_Mag_WINTER_FINAL (1) (2014) - Page 14

GIVING. PRAYING. FASTING 14 must be able to answer the critical questions in what she calls the “Concentric Circle” Why, What, and How. She sat down with Living Wisely magazine to offer some tips on starting and maintaining a non-profit. LW: What advice would you give to someone starting their own non-profit? Jackson: “Well, I think that-I’ll quote a motivational speaker that I listen to. His name is Eric Thomas. He’s always saying, you know, ‘You’ll be successful when you want it as bad as you want to breathe.’ And, so in starting your non-profit, your why and your purpose and your mission of what you’re trying to do needs to be very central to your success. If it’s not, if it’s not something that you’re motivated to do, you’ll be procrastinate. You’ll come up with excuses. You’ll delay it and it won’t materialize and so that would be my first thing. What’s your why and making sure that thing is central to what’s happening. And then you need, you need mentors. You need coaches. You need people that are going to be able to help give you strategy especially if you’re not a strategic thinker to help you get your plan in place and it should be people that are willing to invest. When you’re starting out, you’re asking people for their help You’re not asking them to introduce you to who helped them or who’s given them an endorsement, you’re asking them to give of themselves. Those other things will happen but first you [have] to network, not use people because I think sometimes when we’re first starting out we have a good idea we’re starting a business we don’t necessarily lever opportunities for mentoring from the people that are close to us. We’re trying to emulate their plan of success where every situation is unique and different … The methods will work for you but my exact path may not work for you if that makes sense.” LW: So, how do you encourage someone to follow their own path instead of someone else’s? Jackson: “Exactly, you have to be clear on what you’re trying to accomplish so we talked about goals, them being pure, positively