LW_Mag_WINTER_FINAL (1) (2014) - Page 12

GIVING. PRAYING. FASTING 12 BUT while they were eating lunch, they saw a caravan headed to Egypt and JUDAH said, let’s not kill him, instead let’s sell him to the Ishmaelites. Now my sister, let’s pause here. May I submit to you that both Judah and Reuben gave instructions not to kill Joseph? Reuben’s instruction was based in an intention to take Joseph BACK to his father’s house. But what was in his father’s house? It may have appeared to be the safer option- however he would be returning to a situation of ridicule, scorn and hardship. Being sold to the Ishmaelites appeared to be a life of adversity- but that caravan to Egypt was actually Joseph’s taxi to destiny. Sure, he went by way of the prison- but his destiny was in the palace. Some of us may be in a “pit” situation and there is an option to go BACK to what we know. That option may seem a bit more comfortable because it is familiar. But before you make a decision, allow me to let you in on a revelation. One of the Torah’s definitions for the name of Reuben is- he has seen my misery. But the definition of Judah is praise. Acknowledging his misery (Reuben) was taking him back to his father’s house; but Praise (Judah) GOT HIM OUT OF THE PIT! Oh, if we could just apply this learning. Instead of focusing on the things that are creating miserable situations, can we adopt a posture of praise? Image where we would be if we could allow a praise to be the first thing from our lips? Sure we may have to go through a pit situation...but it is only grooming us for the palace. Be blessed! - Sabrina