LV Magazine November 2020 - Denise Grant - Page 28

10 Gift Basket Ideas!

A Themed Gift Basket is for everyone and every occasion.

Gift Baskets will save you time and money and can be created easily with minimal time and effort. Gift Baskets can be made in various sizes and price ranges, making them ideal for the budget-conscious giver.

By creating a Themed Gift Basket, you tailored the basket for the particular occasion. Filling the baskets with lots of presents represents excellent value to the recipient! Your baskets convey the feelings of the sender in a way that is unique and personal.

Let's face it, who doesn't love to receive a Gift Basket!

Gift Baskets make wonderful gifts for the person who has everything and

giving a handmade Gift Baskets makes you look good!

How often have you found yourself shopping for that hard-to-buy-for person who has everything? If you are like me, you have taken hours and are still not happy with your choice. With a gift basket, you can tailor your basket to the theme, person, or type of function you are attending. Most gift baskets include consumable products (i.e., bath or body products, yummy treats, food products). The possibilities are endless for what you can put in a gift basket!

When creating a gift basket, start with a theme and make the basket towards your recipientís interests. Find out what they like and then build the basket around that theme.

There are so many different types of themes you can start with, including,

1.Baby Gift Baskets

2.Christmas Gift Baskets

3. Mother's Day Gift Baskets

4. Father's Day Gift Baskets

5. Pets Gift Baskets

6. Sports Gift Baskets

7. Housewarming Gift Baskets

8. Lovers Gift Baskets

9. Birthday Gift Baskets

10. Business Gift Baskets

Your basket doesn't have to be expensive; in fact, using lots of small gifts makes it more fun for the recipient. You can also have lots of fun using different types of baskets. Recycle old items and use them as the basket. When filling your basket, use books, CDs, bath or body products, stuffed animals, toys, notepaper and pens, figurines, and lots of yummy gourmets treats like, pate and crackers, chocolates, cookies, pretzels, and popcorn. The gift recipient will love discovering all of the fun presents tucked inside their unique gift basket!