LV Magazine November 2020 - Denise Grant - Page 26

Dashna: How sweet. Being able to find something you both love and enjoy to do is a beautiful thing. So that's great. You've shared your gift with many well-known individuals and businesses. Can you name a few and elaborate on how these opportunities made you feel?

Denise: I have done work for Cast members of Black Ink, cast members of Love & Hip Hop, One of TI's children, Pix11 morning news, Hot 97, Wbls & Live Nation. These opportunities are once in a lifetime, and I feel so blessed to have had them.

Dashna: Entrepreneurship can be challenging. What are some of the challenges you've faced on your journey?

Denise: The personal changes you go through can be a lot. Also, when you are the boss, you have to make sure you keep up with everything in your industry.

Dashna: I hear that! What would you have done differently if given a chance?

Denise: If given a chance, I would have structured my business a lot sooner than I did. I always knew I wanted to go down this path, but I let fear keep me from entirely doing what I needed to do to solidify it.

Dashna: You're right. Fear does have the capability of delaying dreams. Now that you've said that, my last question for you is, what one piece of advice would you give to anyone trying to start a business?

Denise: Believe in yourself and do not give up; it is ok if it doesn't go your way in the beginning. KEEP PUSHING!!