LV Magazine November 2020 - Denise Grant - Page 16

When using essential oils with your child, you must find a reputable supplier of therapeutic-grade essential oils, using organic or wildcrafted varieties when possible. Synthetic copies of oils commonly used in perfumery are not appropriate and may even be harmful to your childís health. Essential oils should be kept in the dark amber or cobalt glass containers, in a dark and cold location, away from the childís access. Wooden storage boxes from craft or 'Pier One' type stores can make a nice container for the bottles.

Methods of Using Essential Oils

There are two methods of using essential oils with your child in INHALATION: through a diffuser, nebulizer, adding to a humidifier reservoir, and TOPICAL APPLICATION: diluting the essential oil in a carrier oil and applying topically. Adding essential oils to a bath combines the two methods, though we will cover it under topical application.

For topical application, essential oils are diluted in varying strengths depending on your child's use and age. The concentration can go from one drop of essential oil per tablespoon of carrier oil to a couple of drops per teaspoon of carrier added to a drawn bath, to an equal ratio of the essential oil applied directly to your childís feet (as in the case of gentle Lavender). In other words, there is a considerable variation in dilution levels, depending on the circumstances. Mamas, do your research and then trust your instinct. Only you know what is right for your situation.

General dilution rate guidelines of essential oils in one ounce of carrier oil:

Age of Child and amount of Essential Oil per One Ounce Carrier Oil for Topical/Massage Application:

Newborn (Consult primary care physician before use)

1-3 drops essential oil/ounce

2-6 months

1-3 drops essential oil/ounce

6-12 months

1-4 drops essential oil/ounce

1-4 years (unless very small)

5-8 drops essential oil/ounce

6-7 years

5-10 drops essential oil/ounce

9-12 years

5-12 drops essential oil/ounce

12 years too young adult

10-15 drops essential oil/ounce