LV Magazine Kids December 2019 Emma Stevanovic - Page 34

Danielle Harris is a 11-year-old star kid on the block to extend her journey in the entertainment industry. She has been working actively since the early age of four where she discovered her love and enthusiasm for rapping and dancing. She used to perform for her friends and family and remembers her first Ballet dance recital at the age of 5. Danielle continues to be shooting for the Stars and has proved herself in making home videos, dance recitals, local shows, choreography, acting, modeling, and more. She made her modeling debut with Young Gods Clothing Brand in New York Fashion Week 2019. With her craft, dedication, and ambitious talent, she has made a separate place in the entertainment industry. Aside from the entertainment, Danielle has developed a business mind in only the 6th Grade and is known as a young entrepreneur. That’s not it as she was recently added as a co-author/editor in her mother Shatoya’s written and published children’s book. She considers her mother, Shatoya as her biggest support system as her mother takes good care of her education. Dani says that she won’t stop because being on TV has always been her dream. She feels blessed and grateful for having the wondrous opportunities in her life. LV Magazine in conversation with the girl of the moment...

Sanjana: How is it growing up in Brooklyn?

Danielle: Growing up in Brooklyn there is a lot going on. We have a lot of Culture in Brooklyn. There is also crime and Police Brutality just like other big cities. But overall, I Love Brooklyn, it’s my Hometown, It’s in my DNA. We even have our own language and slang terms unique to every other borough in NYC.

Sanjana: That's interesting! How did you get started in Acting, Rapping, and Modeling, and how was it playing your character Nelly in the new horror The Caul?

Danielle: I got started modeling just this year. After taking dance lessons for so many years, I decided I wanted to try acting. My mom took me to the ATNY in the city, where I took my first semester of improvisation and acting classes. Through networking with different parents and showing up at auditions, I landed a runway show for NYFW with Young Gods Clothing Brand, and it’s been going well since. Besides, playing Nelly in the New Film the Caul was fun. This was my first movie. I got a chance to see how working on set was. Playing a Zombie was fun, I always like to scare mom around the house. Well, I met some great people during the shoot as well.

Sanjana: That's wonderful. I'm sure our readers are waiting eagerly to watch you in "The Caul." How did you get started with ripped the Runway at NYFW?

Danielle: When I was attending acting school at ATNY, my mom and I met some really cool people. They all would exchange ideas and information about Auditions and other opportunities. My mom asked me if I wanted to try out for a runway show (she always asks). I was excited to try out, and fortunately, I was chosen to rip the Runway at New York Fashion Week.

Sanjana: What is your favorite subject in school? Also, please let all the LV Magazine kids know what it takes to be a Star Scholar?