LV Magazine Kids December 2019 Danielle Harris - Page 51

Slumber party under the tree

Pull out the sleeping bags and get everyone to sleep under the Christmas tree because there is nothing more magical than looking at the shining lights of the tree and being snuggled inside a sleeping bag with your precious ones. So put the fire and Christmas lights on to enjoy a fun slumber party.

Build a fort

When you are done with Christmas dinner, keep the lively holiday vibe alive by building a pillow fort and read books or tell stories to each other. Show off your skills and build your confidence by reading aloud in front of your family. Because it is Christmas, choose a Christmas book. Also, add in some deserts in it, the more you bring, the better it will be. After all, who doesn’t like deserts?

Letter to Santa Clause

Get your kids to write a letter to Santa Clause with their own hand-writing or even drawing because this is the best way to get them to practice their printing. Let them share whatever they want, their problems, wishes, and the good deeds they have done. It will be kinda funny when you look back at letters when they grow up. Keep a copy of their letters to yourself and embrace these wondrous days forever.

Decorate a Christmas tree together

No matter which tree you have brought to your home this year, decorating it is going to be fun. Pop in on the Christmas carols, lour the lights and place your ornament on your tree. Let your kids participate in the task because each and every ornament is connected to memories and your kids will love to listen to the stories linked to them and the Christmas decoration.

It’s the little things in life that make our lives better. So why should we ignore Christmas, most of all, it is the biggest festival of the year. The special thing about these Christmas activities is that they let you spend special time with your family and kids and strengthen the bond by having fun together. On dark and chilly evenings, set out to enjoy the festive fun with your loved ones.