LV Magazine Kids December 2019 Danielle Harris - Page 46

Bake things

There’s always something special when your children help in household chores. Particularly, in the kitchen, since it makes them learn to organize things in a fun way. Get Christmas spirit together and bake some delicious cookies with the help of your children that you can indulge on later.

Take a picture together

Take a Christmas card picture together with your kids and turn this thing into a fun family tradition to seize the Christmas liveliness every year.

Create Christmas centerpieces

Make a color-coordinated Christmas centerpiece with the support of your children and place that on the table. Doing so will create a special bond between you and your children and they will feel loved and appreciated. Also, you will get to nurture their crafty side.

Take out board games

There are many games available in the market that children love to play. If you have not yet spent time with them playing games, you must give it a twirl right away. Gather some board games and enjoy a happy evening with your kids.

Start your own Christmas-inspired collection

Haven’t you started collecting Santa statuettes with your children yet? Now is the best time to start. Oh no, we do not suggest to stick to Saint Nicks only, but you could opt for vintage train collection or other doll collections for Christmas.

Adorn a gingerbread house

Adorning a gingerbread house is a Christmas classic for a good reason. You may choose to buy a kit to make the gingerbread house or bake it from scratch. Either way, children sure love this amazing chore of decorating a cute little house with all of their desired sweets.