LV Magazine Kids December 2019 Danielle Harris - Page 24

LV magazine’s December 2019 issue is graced by sweet Emma Stevanoic, who happens to be runway model fashionista and gymnast. She was born in USA and brought up in Miami. She is an ambitious model and actress as she is crowned “Little Miss Hallandale US Nation 2019.”

Emma Stevanovic, in conversation with International Journalist and Writer Sanjana

Sanjana: What is your favorite subject in school?

Emma: Reading because I love to read and learn new things.

Sanjana: What is your favorite hobby?

Emma: Gymnastics because I like to do flips on the bars.

Sanjana: That's cool. What is your favorite movie?

Emma: Tall girl because it tells me because you are tall does not mean you can not accomplish anything.

Sanjana: Good thinking! What is your favorite TV show?

Emma: The Loud House and the Casagrande’s because it tells me that having a big family does not mean they always get in the way of what you want to achieve.

Sanjana: What is your favorite book?

Emma: Who Was Nikola Tesla because it tells me facts about Nikola Tesla and also that he was born in the same country as me, Serbia!

Sanjana: What is your favorite animal?

Emma: A kitty because cats are really important to me.

Sanjana: What are your favorite songs?

Emma: Story of my life by One Direction, Liar by Camilla Cabello, No Tears Left To Cry by Arianna Grande, Bad Guy by Billie Eilish.

Sanjana: Nice choice! What is your favorite restaurant?

Emma: Las Vegas.

Sanjana: What is your favorite vegetable?

Emma: Unfortunately, I don’t have a favorite vegetable.

Sanjana: What is your favorite fruit?

Emma: Bananas are my favorite fruit.

Sanjana: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Emma: Yes! I am super excited about Empire Gala Henry Mezza fashion show and Miami Art Basel fashion show.

Sanjana: Wonderful! What message would you like to leave with our readers?

Emma: My favorite quotes are “ Never give up and you are beautiful just the way you are.” Also “ Do the right thing even when nobody is watching.”

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