LV Magazine December 2017 - Digital Edition - Page 6

Steven McCoy

Smart, strong, silly, stylish, sophisticated and sometimes sensitive and shy are all words to describe Steven McCoy, and he does it all with a smile. Steven McCoy is the Senior Editor of Entertainment Scoop and the CEO of Spoken Entertainment which he has produced a new podcast show titled “Sessions with Steven” which is currently on iTunes and Google Play Music. In our interview with him, McCoy says “I am so blessed to be doing all of the things I’ve always wanted to do since I was a little boy, I never knew it would be this challenging, but it makes it easier when you’re passionate about it.”

McCoy has a signature style that sets him apart from other celebrity hosts, his stylish and unique bow ties. We asked him why does he love bow ties so much he responded “( Laughs) I’ve always loved bow ties, I remember my grandmother used to make me choose between the bow tie or the long ties for my school uniforms and I would always choose the bow ties. When I first started everyone used to refer to me as “The boy with the bow tie” which was so

funny to me, then eventually everyone knew

my name but this being my signature look

happened organically.”