LV Magazine December 2017 - Digital Edition - Page 14

Andrea Antwi

Adventurous, Amusing, Artistic, Analytical, and Alluring are words that describe this aspiring entertainer Andrea Antwi. A strong-minded individual with a heart of gold. Andrea Antwi is a Case Manager in the pharmaceutical world. "I manage my patient's treatment plans, and make sure they stay on track with prescribed medications." Although the Arts and Pharmaceutical world are two different sides of the coin, they both require dedication and determination. "What's interesting is my love for the Arts seems to be pulling me away from my desk and pushing me into the spotlight. Modeling, dancing, singing, and acting have always been my true passion, but it was easier to conform to a 9-5. My views have drastically changed. I am wiser now and realize you can't run from your destiny.

Antwi has a presence about her. When asked what makes her stand out from the crowd, she responds "It's the Ghanaian blood running through me. Lol. My parents immigrated from Ghana to America and had me. I grew up in a household that taught me the power of strength and humility. I like to focus on what I am good at (my strengths), but I was taught to respect the process of development (humility). I was taught to pray be thankful and execute".