Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 - Page 90

A Perfume Heaven in Barcelona By Inka Piegas-Quischotte Perfumes in Basilica Gallery BELOW Objets d’art B arcelona’s Gothic Quarter is a maze of small squares and narrow, sometimes cobbled, streets. Stretching between the Ramblas de Catalunya and Via Laetana, dominated by the cathedral and a basilica, the Gothic Quarter is a treasure trove for any visitor who seeks extraordinary shops, exquisitely designed clothes, bespoke wicker furniture, colorful costume jewelry and just about everything else that smells of individuality and luxury. And talking about smells: On my recent week-long trip to Barcelona, I was rather aimlessly ambling around Plaza del Pi, looking at the paintings of artists who exhibit their works there at weekends. Turning into a narrow street called Calle Sant Sever, I caught a whiff of exquisite perfume. As it turned out, the enticing scent emanated from the open door of a shop called La Basilica Galeria Perfume. 90 As the name indicates, it’s an art gallery cum perfume shop close to the Basilica del Pi. My nose had already led me there and now my eyes were caught by the stunning display of a nearly life size sculpture in the window, with a dress made entirely from rose petals. Art and perfume combined demanded further investigation. I was lucky as there were only two other customers when I entered, so I seized the opportunity to talk to the charming assistant and asked her to explain the nature of this fabulous shop. There appear to be three owners, each one an artist with a different specialty. One is a sculptor and the creator of not only the ‘rose lady,’ but also several other works of art in the same vain. The assistant proudly explained that these sculptures play a prominent part in the famous flower festival which is