Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 - Page 76

Culinary Splendor in Charlottetown By Tiffany Thornton 76 C anada’s Prince Edward Island has long been touted as “the gentle island”. With its small rolling hills, verdant potato fields and pastoral vibe, it’s a place that makes you want to linger lazily and watch the purple hue of the evening sky unfold. The capital city of Charlottetown is where the birth of the Canadian nation evolved one hundred and fifty years ago. This small idyllic city is on the edge of a bustling harbour. The tree-lined streets invite you to meander. The grand old Victorian homes and colonial buildings provide a sense of old world charm. The location on the Atlantic pretty much assures any visitor that the seafood will be a fresh catch of the day, but knowing where to go for the absolute best in town can be tricky.