Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 - Page 75

Epicure Susak, Charlene offers a mouthwatering selection of toppings for her liege style waffles, which are truly unique. These are not your typical waffles; rather they are made from a sweet, brioche-style dough with chunks of pearl sugar kneaded into the dough right before baking. This dough gives the waffles a chewy texture, and the added sugar gives then a sweet, carmelized taste. The toppings are also chosen with care and made with only fresh, local, organic and seasonal ingredients. For a great introduction and to fully appreciate how delicious these waffles are on their own, try the original liege waffle simply dusted with powdered sugar. That’s what we had for a sample, but I looked so yearningly at the other menu offerings that my husband took pity on me and we walked back over to The Gaufre Gourmet for breakfast the next morning. I had the Belgian chocolate drizzled waffle, which I highly recommend. I could cheerfully eat there every single day until I had tried every waffle – then start again! The Food Carts Portland tour was the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of food carts in Portland and we highly recommend it. Luckily it was our first day in Portland, so we were able to check out a variety of food carts for other meals during our stay. We never visited a single restaurant during our stay, as we were able to satisfy every craving with a food cart item. The next time you are in Portland, check out the Food Carts Portland tour -- and try some of those waffles for me! Just a few of the Portland Food Carts RIGHT Our group sampling the waffles where they made them for friends, one of whom was the owner of a local restaurant who added the dumplings to his menu. Julia experimented with a variety of crazy but delicious dumplings which were so popular that the couple decided to open a food cart to bring their offerings to the masses. We tried several different dumplings but our favorite by far was the cheeseburger dumpling – that’s right, a uniquely American concoction plunked into an Asian filling and it absolutely works. Waffles are one of my favorite things in the entire world, so when we stopped at The Gaufre Gourmet food cart, my salivary glands were vibrant with expectation. That expectation was met with the glory that is their delicious waffles. Gaufre is French for waffle and Charlene Wesler’s love for gourmet cuisine is evident in the name she chose for her business. Together with fellow chef Michael 75