Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 - Page 73

Epicure Brett, a tall, bespectacled, gregarious individual with unique mutton chops, has been talking and writing about Portland’s food carts since 2008. His tours cover not only the history of the carts, but also the conditions which helped them grow and thrive. Of course, the tour includes tasty samples. Along with about 15 other people, we met Brett in a parking lot filled with a dizzying array of food carts. Everything from gyros to dumplings to pizza to luscious items we could not even identify were being consumed, and the delicious smells wafting about were enough to make anyone abandon any idea of diet plans. Brett introduced himself and began telling us about the food carts, which was extremely interesting but in reality, we were probably all thinking the same thing: Bring on the food! The Dump Truck food cart ABOVE-LEFT Brett Burmeister, our affable host Finally, after walking around for several minutes and showing the amazing choices, Brett began offering us food. And what food! This was not the hot dogs/funnel cake/barbecued sandwiches we were used to at special events in our home city; this was delicious, unique, amazing, and please can we have more? to family-friendly locations and small shops and restaurants have sprung up in the nearby neighborhoods. The astonishing variety of delectable selections can be a little overwhelming – where to start? Our foodie tour with Food Carts Portland would help us learn more about this trend and sample some of the most popular offerings. With over 600 food carts offering food from all over the world, it helps to have an expert along, and Brett Burmeister, the owner and managing editor of Food Carts Portland, is just the guy. We visited several different food cart pods on our tour, strolling from one to the other and enjoying the beautiful city of Portland and the friendly residents. We chowed down on items from a number of carts and a number of countries, including taco, pizza, and gyros but a couple were absolute standouts. The Dump Truck is a bright yellow food cart owned by Julia and Reid who discovered the joy of dumplings when they lived in Beijing in 2007. Taught the secret to making perfect dumplings, they came to Portland So many choices - and not enough time! 73