Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 - Page 7

Letters To The Editor Dear Editor, The artists that are featured regularly by Renee Phillips and Linda Cordair are so different. Is this for a particular purpose or to stimulate the mind? Regards, Bob, Toronto, Ontario Dear Bob, We lucked out in knowing two extremely talented women who represent artists. Renee is a curator for artists worldwide and understands the ins and outs of all of their work. Linda on the other hand, focuses on Romantic Realism and delves in depth in that field. With that combination, we are sure that our readers always have a good mix. Personally, I’m partial to the Romantic Realism. However, I learn and appreciate more with every article Renee writes and enjoy the journey. So in your words, my mind is stimulated. Sincerely, Maralyn D. Hill, Executive Editor Dear Editor, Luxe Beat Magazine has so many wonderful photos, are all of your writers professional photographers? Sincerely, Mary Jo, London Dear Mary Jo, We have a combination of talent. We have journalists who, out of desperation, have learned to develop skills as a photographer. We have professional photographers who have taken writing classes to develop their journalistic skills, journalists you rely on stock photography from the destinations, and everything in between. Cameras have improved to make taking good photos much easier. But an exceptional photographer will capture that special shot that another’s eye would miss. It is always interesting to see shots that several people take at the same time and place and who captures what. Dear Editor, In the January (2015) issue of Luxe Beat Magazine, you had an article which featured “The Art of Food” and the Bocuse d’Or. Are you going to do a follow up piece on that showing photographs from the 2015 competition? Food Lover Dave, New York Dear Dave, I promise you that article will be forthcoming. Now that I know there is interest, I will make sure it is out by the June issue. I’ll try for May, but June is more likely as May is just about closed for new articles. I’ve hundreds of photographs to go through to determine which ones to select, so that has been the reason for my delay. You can look forward to seeing it soon. Sincerely, Maralyn D. Hill, Executive Editor Dear Editor, I really enjoyed the Farmbox Direct article in the March (2015) issue of Luxe Beat Magazine. Do you think it will expand across the country? Like it fresh Jean Dear Editor, How do you pick which fashion designers to feature in Luxe Beat? Fashion student Kim, Los Angeles Dear Kim, We get requests daily. In turn, we request they send any sample of their new line so we can test it, see how well it is put together, made, how good the fabric is, wash it, and basically, and ask if it measures up to the standards it says for our readers. If it does, then we will feature it. The better fashion houses are eager to do this to get the coverage. Sometimes, we receive products that are so poorly made, we will immediately send it back, as we know we can’t cover it, but in general, it is not our policy to return samples, as they have been used and abused by the time we are through testing and we simply do not have the time. We feel the person who has done the sampling has earned them and the designer is getting coverage. It’s a win-win. Samples are tested by a number of us. It depends for whom the sample would be the most appropriate fit. I hope this helps answer your question. Sincerely, Sherrie Wilkolaski, Editor-in-Chief Dear Jean, I think Farmbox Direct has gone as far as it can reach to ensure quality and freshness. I would love to see Ashley Tyrner develop a turn-key training program similar to a franchise, for farmers in other areas to set up similar programs and not reinvent the wheel. I’m glad you enjoyed reading about it, as Farmbox Direct is a top-notch service. Sincerely, Sherrie Wilkolaski, Editor-in-Chief Sincerely, Maralyn D. Hill, Executive Editor Dear Readers, We were happy to receive some letters to the editor this month and hope more of you will continue to write to make comments or ask questions Please send Letters to the Editor to Subject: Letter to Editor 7