Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 - Page 67

Epicure ingredients as these chefs. I work with many local farmers and artisan food makers. I love creating relationships with people who want to try new approaches and ideas. Often, the products made individually are far superior than large company produced products. Maralyn: Do you have a favorite dessert? Chef Keller: I can’t commit to a favorite, I really love everything! Éclairs, ice cream, crème brule, chocolate, fruit tarts, tortes, sabayon, fresh fruit and pretty much anything else. I remember eating at Thomas Keller’s French Laundry. I had just had the twelve-course meal and the server asked me if he could get anything else. I literally wanted to do the whole dinner again. That would have been a fantastic dessert. Watch for the pitfall of being so devoted to your work, that you lose perspective of other aspects. Maralyn: If you could provide one or two tips for prospective chefs, what would it be? Chef Keller: I have always thought the best ways to learn are by reading, traveling and doing. Do all three as much as you can! Maralyn: What are the highlights of your career, your “ah ha” or “wow” moments? Chef Keller: My most enjoyable moments come from guests enjoying their experience. I have a difficult time accepting praise, especially from myself. My career has been full of moments of greatness, opening restaurants, creating over hundreds of expertly crafted dishes and I guess it’s the sum of the parts that I appreciate. I look back at my career thus far, pat myself on the back for a moment and get back to creating. I really don’t stop, I am continually thinking of ideas, not just food related concepts, but within every aspect imaginable. I can’t help being proud when a favorable review or article is printed, validating the hard work and commitment, not only of what I have accomplished, but also of my collective team. Maralyn: When you go out, where do you go to eat? Chef Keller: I love eating at very fine restaurants; I love all of Thomas Keller’s restaurants, Bouchon, French Laundry and Ad Hoc. I have enjoyed many great meals at Fleur d Lys, Cyrus and Th P