Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 - Page 54

region. Patrick Fonjallaz is one of 250 vineyard owners in the Lavaux region. He is the successor of twelve generations of wine producers, a wine dynasty established in 1552. His winery is destination-worthy, not only because of the high quality of the wines, but because of its breathtaking views of the surrounding environs. Continuing south from Lavaux along the lake, you’ll soon come to Montreux, Switzerland’s “festival city” and a noted international tourist resort. As in Lausanne, many celebs have been attracted to the area due to its beauty, temperate weather and good quality of life. Among the sights to take in is Chillon Castle, the most-visited historic building in Switzerland. It’s located on a small island in the lake, a mere few feet from the shore, and was once the residence and profitable toll station of the Counts of Savoy. For hundreds of years, the occupants extracted a fee from people and goods passing between Italy and the rest of Europe. In more modern times, it became famous for having inspired Lord Byron’s poem, “The Prisoner of Chillon,” which was based on the true story of Francois Bonivard, a political prisoner from Geneva. Byron is said to have carved his name in one of the columns in the dungeon where Bonivard was kept for several years. The castle has had many well-known visitors over the years, including Henry James, Victor Hugo and Salvador Dali. If you happen to be in Montreux during the first weeks of July, you’ll 54