Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 - Page 53

Travel Lausanne is also a magnet for shoppers who flock to Place de la Palud and Rue de Bourg, pedestrianfriendly areas with over 1,500 boutiques and stores, along with colorful open-air market stalls selling everything from flowers to local produce, fish and wine. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see the Fountain of Justice, distinguished by a statue holding a scale in one hand to weigh the soul and a sword in the other to right the wrongs. It’s just one of 120 historical and whimsical fountains in the town. When it comes to nightlife, the Flon district is the place to be. The area was once an industrial hub and architects were careful to preserve the original style of the buildings during renovation. Today, it’s a collection of avant-garde-like structures that house shops, offices, apartments and entertainment venues which come alive when the sun sets and the party-goers appear. With Lausanne’s Lake Geneva backdrop, it’s impossible not to want to spend some time near or on the water during your visit. Stroll down the beautiful lakeside promenade, or opt for a boat ride to explore neighboring Evian, France. Though only thirty minutes separates the two cities, they are worlds apart from one another when it comes to culture, people and ambiance. Finding good food is never a problem in Lausan