Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 - Page 35

Travel Windmill in New England reasonable fare and headed back to Oak Bluffs for a stroll along the coastline and, once again, to marvel at the astonishingly beautiful Victorian mansions in the area. A large and very popular park lies in the middle of town, surrounded by truly amazing mansions, all of which are single family dwellings and many of which are only used in the summer. Families were relaxing in the park, many with picnics and several with kites which caught the strong wind from the ocean. New Bedford, Massachusetts was once the whaling capitol of the world and their fascinating and historic whaling museum was where we headed the next day after our arrival in port and a walking tour of the waterfront. We also strolled around the dock and saw plenty of fishing boats and fishermen. Lunch, a nap, and an afternoon of reading on deck made this the perfect day. Soon enough, it was time for another fabulous dinner. Our meals onboard the Grande Mariner were absolutely delicious, each one better than the last. We had lobster in some form every day. For our authentic lobster bake, the chef and assistants set up a steamer oven on the top deck consisting of a plywood frame enclosing a stove with seaweed layered under the freshly caught lobsters, potatoes, and fresh corn. When we were served a whole lobster that night, some of us had no clue how to eat this monstrosity, but, after a demonstration of how to crack the claws and tail, we all dug in and relished every buttery bite. Heading back in the dir V7F