Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 - Page 34

unpacking and finding a place for everything in our small stateroom (this is made easier by the fact that you can stow all your luggage under the beds) and a delightful lunch of fresh lobster salad, we headed to the top deck to watch our ship begin the short journey to Cuttyhunk, the outermost of the Elizabeth Islands in Massachusetts, where we would drop anchor for the night. The beginning of our voyage set the tone for the rest of the trip, with friendly fellow passengers, gorgeous weather, and calm water. Quiet Cuttyhunk was mainly a place to spend a night sleeping blissfully but a few of us did disembark and stroll the quiet island paths in the dusky evening. Gorgeous home on Martha’s Vineyard the sun as the ship cruises along the waterways. The dining room downstairs has tables of varying sizes where you will meet and get to know your fellow passengers much better than you could on any large ship cruise. There’s also a soft drink dispenser, along with fresh coffee and other hot drinks and plenty of cookies, pastries and fresh fruit for snacking in between meals. You will not go hungry on this cruise and you will enjoy every bite. Beautiful homes on Nantucket Charming downtown on Block Island 34 The cruise embarks from tiny Warren, Rhode Island, where Blount Small Ship Adventures is based. It’s convenient to park for free in their parking lot, hand over your luggage, and walk aboard with no fuss. After Nantucket was our next stop and a bus tour was provided by Blount. We were properly awed at the beauty of the gray shingled New England homes, something we would see on every island on our cruise. Quaint cobblestone streets, bicyclers, lines for the ferry on and off the island, dozens of shops with clothes way above our budget and a local farmer’s market set up for the morning seemed to epitomize the island. There was an optional walking tour offered by Blount, but we just picked up a walking tour map at the tiny visitor center and strolled around the neighborhoods on our own, trying to imagine how many millions of dollars some of the mansions must cost. Martha’s Vineyard the next morning provided another bus tour, but this time we made a stop at the historic Southeast Lighthouse to appreciate the astonishing view and get some photos. After lunch back on the ship, we decided to brave public transportation, as a bus stopped precisely where we were docked. We hopped aboard, paid the extremely Lunch with a view!