Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 - Page 3

SHERRIE WILKOLASKI Editor-in-Chief and Managing Partner MARALYN D. HILL Executive Editor BENJAMIN BENNETT Creative Director LILLIAN AFRICANO Editor KATHY WANAMAKER Advertising Sales NORMAN HILL Editor LEAH WALKER Editor-At-Large DALE SANDERS Senior Travel & Lifestyle Editor/ Director of Photography COURTNEY LOWDEN Fashion Editor-At-Large COLUMNS CONTRIBUTORS Global Etiquette Maralyn D. Hill Quality Business Tom Raffio Luxe Layovers Susan Lanier-Graham Intern Put a Pin in it! Debbie Stone Andrea Lochen Debbie Stone Debi Lander Devanshi Mody Gene Baur with Gene Stone Inka Piegas-Quischotte Jan Ross Jan Ross Jill Weinlein Kalliope Barlis Karin Leperi Kimberly Fisher Lillian Africano Lisa Collins-Haynes Nick Carne Susan Lanier-Graham Tiffany Thornton Tom Raffio Luxe Beat Magazine is published in English. Our audience is a global market with global contributors. Each writes, using the form of English with which they are familiar. So you’ll see US, UK, AUS, CAN, versions, etc. We hope this eliminates any confusion on spelling. 3