Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 - Page 11

Travel La Compania, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons beauty. They say seven tons of gold leaf was used to gild almost all surfaces on the walls, ceiling and altar. The wild extravagance is overwhelmingly gorgeous to behold and the dazzling Baroque richness gives a sublime feeling of warmth. The Jesuits began building this church in 1605 and it was not finished until 1765 -- coincidentally the same year the Jesuits were expelled by the Spanish. The somewhat drab colored facade (compared to the interior) features carved volcanic stone, twisted columns and Corinthian pillars by the side doors. The cornice forms an arch over the main door, and contains a niche with a statue of the Virgin, surrounded by cherubs, angels and saints. What made La Compañía even more special was the fact that Sara and her husband were married there, another personal link that made this tour so unique and memorable. Room in boutique Hotel Maison del Angel Maison del Angel Lobby Upon exiting this church, we walked down the Calle Garcia Moreno or the Street of Seven Crosses to the Plaza Grande or Plaza del la Independencia. Unfortunately the skies opened with pouring rain and we weren’t able to enjoy the plaza to its fullest. And, we had to get back to the hotel for a quick change of clothing and an afternoon journey to th