LUCE 325 - Page 6

E 'RZQOLJKWVDVĭH[LEOHDVVSRWOLJKWV Skim for track The unusual design with GRXEOHOHQVRSWLFLQDĭDW housing itself sets a clear signal – Skim luminaires from ERCO for track applications belong to a unique new type RIOLJKWLQJWRROV$VĭH[LEOHDV spotlights for track and with WKHYLVXDOFRPIRUWHİ FLHQF\ and simplicity of downlights. This makes them ideal for contemporary, dynamic worlds of work. The arrange- ment and alignment of Skim luminaires can be adapted at DQ\WLPHWRPRGLĬHGRİ FH layouts. Various wattages, light distributions and dim- ming options with standard- compliant visual comfort pro- vide lighting designers with PDQ\RSWLRQVIRUGLıHUHQWL DWHGGHVLJQŎERWKLQRİ FHV and public buildings. Light is the fourth dimension of architecture