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Spheres, twists, and classics: the fascination of form and finish Panzeri Carlo Srl presents a new catalogue among novelties and confirmations. “Authentic charm makes everything else gravitate around itself”. No, this isn’t the introduction of a novel, but a story told by Sfere. Rotazioni. Ritorni., the catalogue with which Panzeri presents their new products for 2018. The collection is based on the theme of curves and spheres enriched with unprecedented finishings. It is a trend that has inspired Panzeri for some years now. In fact, in addition to creating completely new products, the catalogue brings back to life successful pieces from their past repertoire. In this way the new catalogue: Sfere. Rotazioni. Ritorni., presents itself as an overview of both the new and the classic, an accurate, complete, and state of the art selection. Take for example one member of the family that 4 5 received special attention at the German Design Award 2017. The suspension lamp Silver Ring. While maintaining all the functionality of its big brother, Golden Ring, it comes in more compact dimensions. It is available in three formats, which multiplies possible combinations. The ring can come finished in: white, black, hand painted with gold leafing, or in the new bronze finish which is available for all products in the Golden Ring and Silver Ring family. Olivia, Emma, and Clio belong to a family of suspension lamps crafted with blown glass. From their ribbed, retro style emerges an interplay of light that makes them perfect for warm and friendly atmospheres. It is as if a dialogue were to proceed out from the room itself, upwards, searching for a perfect balance between the single or multiple models of these 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 | | | | | | Silver Ring Emma Clio Olivia Smoke Gong Zero Round Ginevra lamps. There are seven colours of glass available. In addition to: clear, steel, amber, bronze, tobacco, and green, there is a great new addition: the glossy white version. Smoke, this lamp has only been around for a few months, however, somehow it feels familiar. It is reminiscent of traditional glass blown by the Venetian masters. No two pieces are alike, as each piece is a unique, handcrafted product. You will love it even when it is turned off, thanks to the nuances that characterize its diffused light. The simplicity of its form makes it perfect to decorate any setting with elegance. Here is the first absolute novelty. Zero Round marks a continuity of elegance and beauty, thanks also to the new bronze and satin brass finishes. Its thin profile of light expresses a design that unifies functionality with emotion, minimalism with the levity of a slice of light suspended in mid-air. Thanks to its three available diameters it is particularly well suited to be installed in multiple compositions. A light with a strong personality, Gong characterizes the space around it. It is attractive not only for its size, but especially for the beauty of its simple design. A pure disc, a journey through time, it can transport you into the future or bring to you the warmth of an ancient, handmade relic. A lamp that was studied to unify the technicality of controlled emission of light along with an attractive design. Ginevra offers an array of solutions in the search for a light that is gauged and measurable (direct dimmable light and indirect non dimmable light with separate switches). It is a product that offers high quality light without sacrificing attention to detail in its appearance. You will find all of this in: Sfere. Rotazioni. Ritorni., objects of desire that attract attention thanks to a captivating charm. LUCE 325 11